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Here at Berco Redwood, we produce a large part of our own fencing products. We offer premium grade--which has become an industry standard--and a superior grade that is primarily knot and defect free. We produce these products on-site at our facility, as well as purchasing large quanities from quality lumber mills that don't compromise on quality and whose products match our own standards.

Fencing Components

We offer all the traditional fencing components, including:


Traditional fence pickets... 1x6x6' & 1x4x6'

  • other sizes from 1x2-1x12,
  • in lengths up to 20' Dog Ear, Flat Top, Grape-Stake, Tri-Stake, or Tongue & Groove
  • Cedar Split Rail in 2 and 3 rail configurations
  • Tri-Stake Fencing in standard 6' lengths - custom lengths up to 20'
  • Cedar Grape-Stake fencing
  • Tongue & Groove fencing
  • ShipLap fencing


  • 4x4, 4x6, and 6x6
  • Pressure Treated Posts
  • Construction Heart Posts
  • Construction Common Posts


  • from 4'-20', 2x4 and 2x6
  • Dadoed posts and rails from 4'-20'

Advertised Fencing Prices:

Before you choose your fence boards
...consider the "Price Per Foot"

(does not include posts & rails)

The "Price Per Foot" will allow you to compare boards of different widths.
As a general rule, narrower boards will cost less than wider boards in the same grade.


fence panel sale

These pre-built fence panels are as beautiful as they are sturdy. Mix & Match boards and lattice styles.

  • 2 board options: louvered and board-on-board
  • 2 lattice styles: diagonal privacy and square privacy

fence panel sale

Our premium fence panels feature superior construction for the highest durability.

  • tongue & groove boards
  • No grooves at center bottom rails to catch water
  • Screws and nails rather than staples
  • High quality redwood rather than interior grades

$/fence foot
1x4x6' Construction Common PREMIUM Redwood

$1.19 /ea

$4.08 /ft
1x6x5' Premium Redwood
$1.85 /ea
$3.94 /ft

1x5x6' Premium NARROWS
RW Dog Ear

$1.75 /ea
$4.42 /ft

1x5x6' #2 NARROWS
RW Dog Ear

$1.39 /ea
$3.51 /ft
1x6x6' Construction Common Premium
Dog Ear

$2.15 /ea

$4.58 /ft
1x6x6' Construction Common Premium
Flat Top

$2.25 /ea

$4.79 /ft
2x4x8' Pressure Treated Fir Rails
$4.49 /ea
2x4x10' Pressure Treated Fir Rails
$7.40 /ea
2x4x16' Pressure Treated Fir Rails
$9.70 /ea

2x4x8' #2 Redwood Rails

$3.49 /ea

2x4x8' Premium Redwood Rails

$5.49 /ea

2x4x10' Premium Redwood Rails
$7.90 /ea

4x4x7' Pressure Treated FIR Posts - Stained

$8.90 /ea
4x4x8' Pressure Treated FIR Posts -Stained
$9.90 /ea
4x4x8' PREMIUM Rough Redwood
$12.60 /ea
We also offer Steel Fence Posts


Steel Fence Posts

7'6" - $21.00/each
8' - $22.90/each
9' - $26.90/each
10' - $29.90/each


* 2-3/8" PIPE *



Wood Adapter Clamps

starting at $1.99/ea

Don't forget--we also offer Delivery throughout Northern Califonia from Stockton & the Bay Area to Redding, from Napa / Sonoma to the Reno / Tahoe areas.



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