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Whether you choose Redwood or Douglas Fir, rough or smooth, Berco Redwood has all you need to build the perfect Patio Cover or Arbor. From traditional to custom styles we have the products to fit your needs.

Patio Cover Kits...ready to order!

Design takes time...we've got you covered with out pre-cut & engineered patio cover kits...what's more--they're even Building Department Ready (most local California & Nevada codes).
The best part is you are still in full control over:

3 Types:

  • Traditional-
    Single 4x beam and Single 4x Rafters
  • Olde World-
    Single 4x or 6x Flat beam and Single 4x Rafters
  • Classic-
    Double 2x beam and Double 2x Rafters

4 Styles:

  • Sierra
    Column Base & DF or Redwood Post, Single Knee Brace
  • Butte
    In-ground PTDF Post, 5/4 Cladding, Skirt Option, Single Knee Brace
  • Sonoma
    DF or Redwood Post, Column Base, Double Knee Brace
  • Napa
    In-ground PTDF Post, 5/4 Cladding, Skirt Option, Double Knee Braces

12 Sizes(dependant on style):

  • (10x10)(10x12)(10x14)
  • (12x10)(12x12)(12x14)
  • (14x10)(14x12)(14x14)
  • (16x12)(16x12)(16x16)
    (16's dependant on style)

2 Materials:

  • Redwood
  • Douglas Fir
  • Trex Accents
    (trellis only)

4 Surface Textures:

  • Re-sawn
  • Distressed
  • Smooth
  • Rough

Trellis Size (2x2 / 2x3)

Numerous End Cuts
(download pdf)

Numerous Knee Braces
(download pdf)

Post Wrapped Skirt

Come in to our sales office to customize your kit
or call us at: 916-483-2001

Click here to contact Lewis at LRS Architecture:

If you don't see a design or style you'd like, custom designs & sizes can be ordered through our Custom Design Service.

**Please read the following information regarding kit ordering procedures.

What should I do before purchasing a new patio cover?

  1. Check with your local building department to determine if a building permit is required. Typically, structures over 120 square feet (10’x12’) require building permits.
  2. Check with your local planning department to verify the setback requirements for a patio cover on your property.
  3. Check to see that the posts will at least 5’-0” from the property line; the minimum distance required by the building code.
  4. Determine what Design Review approvals need to be obtained for your neighborhood.
  5. Determine what size structure you can and want to have.

Purchasing your patio cover.

  1. Payment is due in full when your kit is ordered.
  2. Full refunds can be obtained prior to authorizing the fabrication of the kit (see below).
  3. The information necessary to complete the drawings for your kit include:
Type: Classic, Traditional, Olde World
Style: Sierra, Butte, Napa, Sonoma
Size: See available sizes per style
Height: (Finish Surface to Top of Beam)
Beam End Cut: See End Cut Selection Chart
Rafter End Cut:  See End Cut Selection Chart
Knee Brace: See Knee Brace Selection Chart
Skirt: Yes/No
Material:  Doug Fir or Redwood
Trellis Size: 2x2 or 2x3
Trellis Material:  

Douglas Fir, Redwood, or Trex (Accents)
If Trex - Color: Madeira, Saddle, Winchester Grey, Woodland Brown

Surface Treatment: Rough Sawn, Resawn, S4S, Distress
Router Edges: Yes/No
 Property Address:  
Email Address:  

What happens after I purchase my new patio cover kit?
What Berco Redwood does:

  1. Berco Redwood sends your order to LRS…Architecture to prepare drawings for your project.
  2. A 3D image and preliminary drawings will be emailed to you for review and approval. These drawings can be submitted for your Homeowners Association Design Review, where required.
  3. After you review the drawings and email approval to LRS…Architecture, final drawings will be completed, printed, stamped and signed by the architect. Two sets of drawings and structural calculations will be mailed to you for your use in obtaining a building permit.  Please contact LRS…Architecture to resolve any building department questions or comments.

What you need to do:

  1. Obtain Design Review approval, when required.
  2. Create a site plan (see sample).  If you would like, LRS…Architecture can provide this for you for $100 (paid to LRS…Architecture).
  3. Obtain permit, when required. The building department will return one (1) set of drawings to you to have on the site for the inspectors review.

After receiving a permit or having determined that a permit is not required:

  1. A full refund is still available, upon returning both sets of stamped and signed drawings.
  2. Email (order(at) or fax (916) 483-9059 authorization to Berco Redwood to proceed with fabrication.
  4. Berco Redwood will schedule your structure for fabrication and delivery.
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