About Fijian Mahogany

Listen and Learn about Fijian Mahogany:

Fijian Mahogany is a non-endangered timber, grown in sustainable plantations on the tropical islands of Fiji. It has a straight grain and is usually free of voids and pockets.

The reddish-brown color, which darkens overtime, has a beautiful reddish sheen when polished.

Because of its excellent workability, Fijian Mahogany is ideal for most any custom wood project because it combines workability and stability with light weight, and can be carved to give fine details.


Easy to work with using either machine or hand tools, and can be machined to an excellent finish and polishes well.
Can be glued and stained effectively, produces a good veneer.


Well suited for specialty products: fine furniture, decorative molding, musical instruments, plywood, flooring including light traffic, strip and parquet, and also as a decorative material in stair cases. Fiji mahogany is durable and resists wood rot, so it is ideal for boat construction.


Highly decorative timber that has a straight and evenly textured grain. Can be pinkish to a reddish brown and yellow to orange-brown, darkens with time and when exposed to light.


Highly resistant to wood rot.
This is an affordable decking choice that is similar in price to composite decking or high grades of redwood.

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