Prebuilt Redwood Fence Panels

Fastest, easiest redwood fence available

fence panels diag

Berco Redwood Pre-Fab Fence Panel are the easiest and most time efficient way to build a fence or to repair a damaged section. Standard panels are 8' wide by 6' tall. Custom widths are available up to 8’.

Our fence panels are built with the highest quality materials and construction.

They may look similar to other manufacturers’ panels, but ours are built differently. We have eliminated the horizontal grooved rail components that trap and hold water....leading to early failure. Plus we utilize clearer boards, which results in a better looking panel.

Best of all, we can make your panels to fit your post spacing. Just set your posts, give us your measurements. You will receive panels that simply screw into place.

Have another design in mind? Bring it in. We are always open your ideas.

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