Fence Boards

Pick from a wide variety of fence board widths, lengths, shapes and wood species.

  • Traditional Fence Pickets 1x6x6' and 1x4x6'
  • Other sizes from 1x2 to 1x12
    Other lengths to 20'
  • Dog Ear or Flat Top
  • Tri Stake
  • Tongue and Groove
  • Ship Lap
  • Cedar Grape Stake
  • Cedar Split Rail (2 or 3 rail)

Of course we carry traditional fence boards, 1x4x6' or 1x6x6' in dog eared or flat top shapes. If you need wider or narrower/longer or shorter boards, we can provide those.

Redwood grades affect the look and cost of fence boards so we offer you a variety.

Before you choose your fence boards, consider the "price per fence foot", which allows you to compare boards of different widths. As a general rule, fence projects utilizing narrower boards will have a lower material cost than fence project that utilize wider boards, within the same grade.


***Prices are subject to change without notice - please check availability***

***With the current fencing shortage most fence products are on a first come, first serve basis.***

Prices Fence Boards


1x4x6'   PREMIUM  Construction Common Redwood   (Dog Ear)
$1.59 ea

*With the 1x6x6' fence shortage consider this product.

1x4x6'   PREMIUM  Construction Common  Redwood  (Flat Top)
$1.59 ea


*With the 1x6x6' fence shortage consider this product.


1x6x5'   PREMIUM Construction Common Redwood  (Dog Ear)
$2.03 ea

1x6x5'   PREMIUM  Construction Common  Redwood  (Flat Top)
Actual size is 11/16"x5-1/2"x58-1/2"
$2.73 ea

1x6x6'   PREMIUM  Redwood  (Dog Ear)
$3.85 ea

1x6x6'   PREMIUM  Construction Common Redwood  (Flat Top)
$4.05 ea


1x6x6'   #2 Narrow Redwood (Dog Ear)
$2.85 ea.

*The actual size is 5/8x5"x6. Sold as is; no sorting, no returns or exchanges.*


1x8x6' Premium Redwood (Dog Ear or Flat Top)

For prices and availability on other fence boards, call 916-483-2001 or visit Berco Redwood at 4560 Auburn Boulevard between Madison and Watt Avenues in Sacramento. If our Roseville store is convenient for you, call 916-783-2001 or visit Berco Redwood Roseville at 860 Riverside Avenue near Cirby Way, just 2 blocks off Interstate 80. And now we are open our store in El Dorado Hills , call 916-933-3333 at 1091 White Rock Road, #200 accross from Pottery World, next to Post Office