Pressure Treated

Pressure treated Douglas Fir is the most common choice for deck foundations and other structures that need to withstand moisture. This lumber is treated with chemicals that allow it to resist damage from moisture, fungus and insects. It should not be used where people will come into direct contact with it, such as decking, railing, benches, etc. Likewise, it cannot be used for gardens used to grow food. Care should be taken when handling and disposing of pressure treated lumber.

Most pressure treated lumber is sold with a green cast; our Naturewood P.T. has a natural looking brown tone. Available in Douglas Fir and Hem fir (for fence posts only).

Naturewood utilizes the ACQ treatment process (Alkaline Copper Quaternary). ACQ is a water- based wood preservative that prevents decay from fungi and insects.

This product has no arsenate or chromium so it very user and environmentally friendly.


2x4 through 2x12
4x4 through 4x12
in lengths from 6' through 20'