Patio Covers

What is your idea of the perfect patio cover?

patio-coversWhether you choose Redwood or Douglas Fir, rough or smooth, Berco Redwood has all you need to build the perfect Patio Cover or Arbor. From traditional to custom styles we have the products to fit your needs.

Choose from our Pre-Designed Cover Kits, or design your own patio cover. Bring us your ideas and we'll cut your components and get them ready for your installation. We also have contractors that do installations for us.
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Visit our Gallery of Patio Covers to see photos of some of the possibilities for your Patio Cover.

What is your idea of the perfect patio cover?

patio-covers-diagram You choose:
Overall dimensions
Wood species: Redwood or Douglas Fir
Post size: 4x4 or 6x6
Post style: in ground or column base
Beam size: 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 2x10, 2x12
Rafter size: 2x2, & 2x4 or composite
Knee Braces: several options
End Cuts: several options
Post Skirts: include or not
Custom Milling Services: such as routered edges or distressed lumber.

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The perfect light and weather control at the flick of a switch

apollo-opening-roofThe Apollo Opening Roof System is a mechanized patio cover that allows full control of adjustable louvers. The louvers move 160 degrees allowing you to have almost fully open or fully closed patio cover. When closed, the lovers offer complete rain protection and solid shade.

When open, natural light can be enjoyed on the patio or in adjacent rooms. Adjust for different times of the day, different seasons. Virtually no maintenence required. 15-year warranty.

Come for a visit and see several examples of different patio covers and talk to our staff about yours. Or call us at (916) 483-2001 or come for a visit and find out how to start your patio cover.