Everything you need to build your fence.

Here at Berco Redwood, we produce a large part of our own fencing products. We offer premium grade redwood--which has become an industry standard-- and a superior grade that is primarily knot and defect free. We carry cedar grape stakes and split rail fencing also.

If you need a custom size or cut, we can provide that service in our on-site mill.

In addition to lumber for fence boards, posts and rails, you will find everything else you need here at Berco: nails, gate hardware and concrete mix.

If you are in need of advice or design assistance, we will be happy to share the information we have gained in over 30 years of fence-building experience.

Visit our Gallery of Fence Photos to see many beautiful fencing projects.


Gates and Hardware

Come visit to see a large variety of hinges, latches and other gate hardware. We can help you design a gate or we can make one  to your specifications. Call or come visit for details.

Nails and Concrete

We have a full selection of the bolts, nails, and concrete you need to complete your fence. Call or come visit for details.

------------FENCING PRICES------------

***prices are subject to change without notice - please check availability***

***With the current fencing shortage most fence products are on a first come, first serve basis.***

4x4x7'   Pressure Treated  POST
$9.69 ea.

4x4x8'   PREMIUM Redwood POST
$15.25 ea.

1x4x6'   PREMIUM Redwood (Dog Ear)
$1.69 ea.

1x4x6'   PREMIUM Redwood (Flat Top)
$1.69 ea.

1x6x5'   PREMIUM Redwood (Dog Ear)
$3.54 ea.

1X6X5'   PREMIUM Redwood (Flat Top) - actual size 11/16"x5-1/2"x58-1/2"
$3.54  ea.

1x6x6'   PREMIUM Redwood (Dog Ear)
$4.25 ea.

1x6x6 '  PREMIUM  Redwood (Flat Top)
$4.45 ea.

1x8x5'   Redwood Fencing (Dog Ear or Flat Top)
$6.30 ea.

1x8x6'   Redwood Fencing (Dog Ear or Flat Top)
$6.80 ea.

1x4x6'   3-2x3 Rails #2 FENCE PANEL (Dog Ear)
$39.00 ea.

1x6x6'   #2 FENCE PANEL
$45.00 ea.

POSTMASTER - 7'6'' Steel Post for Wood Fencing
$23.83 ea.

$30.51 ea.

*** Combine the Durability of STEEL with the ease of using wood***