Custom Milling

When you need something other than the "standard" product

The equipment and expertise we use to manufacture our lumber products is also at your service when you need something different.

Whether you need to match an older lumber profile, specify a custom surface treatment or moulding, or have custom designed fence panels built - even if you just need lumber cut to size - we have the equipment to do it for you.

Our well equipped Mill enables us to:

  • plane
  • shape
  • cut
  • rip
  • resaw
  • mould
  • trim
  • miter
  • point
  • mortise
  • bore
  • sand
  • size
  • groove
  • hewn
  • dado
  • rabbit
  • distress
  • bevel
  • clamp
  • assemble


custom milling   custom milling   custom milling